Boosted Vs Onewheel. Head To Head Comparison. Which Is Better?

Onewheel and Boosted.

Goliath vs. David.

A match for all time…

These are the two most popular electric skateboard brands on the market right now.

Each is different and wonderful in its own way. We’re not here to be nice, though!

Let’s put two brands and models up against each other and see which one wins.

Let’s go!

How Boosted Will Get Started

We have Boosted in the blue corner with four good boards.

  • •Boosted Stealth
  • •Boosted Plus
  • •Boosted Mini X
  • •Boosted Mini S

It’s safe to say that the Boosted has changed everything about electric skateboards and made them so much more popular.

Not only is Boosted known as the King of e-boards, but it is also the safest group of boards you can buy.

Started out as a Kickstarter project in 2012, and now it is the best electric skateboard on the market.

Starting Lineup For Onewheel

And in the red corner, where the team is much smaller, we have the only Onewheel.

  • •Onewheel+ XR
  • •Onewheel Pint

Onewheel is extremely unique. One wheel is on each of their boards. If you see someone riding a Onewheel in the downtown area of your city, you can be sure that people will look.

The fact that Onewheel boards don’t come with remotes like other electric skateboards is interesting. Instead, you just lead forward to go faster and backward to go slower or stop.

The first prototypes of the Onewheel came out in 2013, but the brand hasn’t grown a lot until recently.

Comparisons Head to Head

If we didn’t compare the boards and their features, it wouldn’t be a race.

Even though comparing 4 models (Boosted) to only 2 models (Onewheel) might not be fair, it must still be done. Here are the categories we’ll look at for this matchup.


Here are the current prices of all 4 Boosted models:

  • •Boosted Stealth – $1,599
  • •Boosted Plus – $1,399
  • •Boosted Mini X – $999
  • •Boosted Mini S – $749

The price of boosted has always been high. Even when the company made the Mini S and Mini X series, which were less expensive, it cost a lot.

Boosted is great in a lot of ways, but price isn’t one of them.

Here are the prices of the two Onewheel models as of right now.

  • •Onewheel+ XR – $1,799
  • •Onewheel Pint – $950

And you thought Boosted cost a lot! It would be even worse to save up for a Onewheel, no matter which model. For the price of the XR, you could save up for a nice trip to the Bahamas.

Both brands will be terrible for your bank account.

I never thought I’d say this, but in terms of price, Boosted wins.


Anyone who said they didn’t care about how fast their electric skateboard went would be lying.

In fact, speed is what most people look for most when they buy a board.

Who doesn’t want to drive like a crazy person every once in a while?

Here are Boosted’s top speeds:

  • •Boosted Stealth – 24 mph
  • •Boosted Plus – 22 mph
  • •Boosted Mini X – 20 mph
  • •Boosted Mini S – 18 mph

Boosted is not slow in any way. The Stealth’s top speed is 24 mph, which is right around the point where most riders start to feel uncomfortable (going faster is scary!). Even the Mini X can go up to 20 miles per hour.

On the other hand, the Onewheels move a bit more slowly…

  • •Onewheel+ XR – 19 mph
  • •Onewheel Pint – 16 mph

Yes, Onewheels are slower, but there’s a good reason for that. When you only have one wheel, you can’t go too fast without putting your own safety at risk.

But these boards aren’t that slow by any means. In a suburban neighborhood, the speed limit is 19 mph, which is what many cars do.

So, this round goes to Boosted once more.


We all hate having a low battery. Because of this, it’s important to have a board with a good range so it can grow to fit your needs.

The last thing you want is to be riding down the street on your way to work when the board shuts down…

The range of a Boosted Board depends on what kind of battery it has: Standard battery can take you 7 miles, but the extended battery can take you 14 miles.

Most Boosted models do have batteries that last longer. Only the Mini S comes with a standard battery that can last for 7 miles:

  • •Boosted Stealth – 14 mile range
  • •Boosted Plus – 14 mile range
  • •Boosted Mini X – 14 mile range
  • •Boosted Mini S – 7 mile range

When it comes to Onewheel though, the ranges different greatly based on the model you choose.

  • •Onewheel+ XR – 19 mile range
  • •Onewheel Pint – 8 mile range

Yes, the XR has a range of up to 19 miles, depending on how efficiently you use it, while the Pint only has a range of about 8 miles.

This one is really a coin toss…

Hill Climbing Ability

All Boosted Boards have a hill climb rate of 25%, which is very good and has been confirmed by many reviewers.

On the other hand, Onewheels’ website doesn’t say how steep their products are, even though it says that their products can “crush hills.”

The problem with Onewheel is that to move forward, you have to lean back. So, when you go up a hill, the front of the board might scrape the ground if the hill is too steep. I have no doubt that the Onewheel can climb hills quickly, but I think it can only go up hills that are 20–25 percent steep.


Boosted is a skateboard made for the street. You can’t go off-roading with this thing.

And this is where Onewheel is better. You can see people riding this all-terrain board on dirt, wooded trails, leaves, and a lot more if you go to YouTube. If you do that with a Boosted, you’ll get stuck…


The LED lights on the board are another thing you have to give Onewheel. Both the Pint and the XR have headlights and taillights to help light up the area in front of you and make you more visible to others.

The board that comes with Boosted does not have any lights on it. If you want lights, you’ll have to buy them online and put them up yourself, which can cost up to $100…

Ride Experience

Even though I have no doubts about how well Boosted works, I have to give this one to Onewheel. The ride is very smooth because you steer the board with your feet and body weight and not with a remote.

Not to mention that it has only one wheel and can go almost anywhere.

On the other hand, Boosted is just a fast skateboard on steroids…


Even though it might seem like Boosted is better in terms of performance, you can’t ignore how unique Onewheel is.

Even though the choice is ultimately up to you, choose a board based on how you plan to use it.

If you’re only going to use the board to get to and from work, choose Boosted.

If you just want to try it out and have fun, go with a Onewheel.

But neither is a bad choice!